Berkeley - Alpine Rock Climbing Workshop

Alpine Climbing Rock Climbing San Francisco Bay Area
Alpine Climbing Rock Climbing San Francisco Bay Area

Berkeley - Alpine Rock Climbing Workshop

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We are about sharing information, teaching skills and growing the community safely. Some people like an activity to be lead or guided, we offer that too. But these workshops are about empowering the climber with knowledge. We teach the skills you need to get out there and climb harder, and improve safety for yourself and others around you. Our workshops are structured in a way that the information is compounding, constantly building on what you just learned, or learned in a previous workshop. We understand that you are thirsty for knowledge and we will give you everything we have to quench your thirst.


Alpine climbing often, but not always, takes place at high altitudes and in remote locations. It combines traditional climbing techniques with the skills you would use in multi-pitch rock climbs, but typically utilizes less equipment and employs unconventional anchor and belaying systems.

During your climb, you may find yourself free soloing, simul-climbing, short roping, short-pitching, or traditional climbing (both rock and ice).


This workshop focuses on the skills and techniques that you will need to enter the realm of alpine climbing.You will learn body positioning and movement, identification of terrain, rope management, belay/protection techniques (including short roping, short pitching, simul-climbing, alpine anchors,body belays, terrain belays, etc.), as well as transitioning techniques between alpine and traditional rock climbing. We will teach you techniques that professional rock climbers use, helping you launch beyond those that have been trying to self-teach themselves for years and still do it wrong. We teach this in a fun environment that allows you to learn and practice alpine rock climbing skills without the stress of being hundreds of feet off the ground or deep in the alpine wilderness. 

Precise thoughts, route planning, organization and efficiency are essential for success in alpine terrain, we will help you achieve that.


This is an advanced (Tier 3) level workshop which requires that you've already taken the following workshops:

In addition to the above pre-requisite workshops, we hope that you will have spent some time climbing outside and practicing the skills you've learned in those workshops. 

  • Students should have the ability to safely belay with a plate, tube or assisted braking device.

  • Students should be able to confidently climb at a grade of 5.6 outdoors (5.9 indoors).

Our only other requirement is that you come prepared to THINK.


If you are humble enough to know your limitations, smart enough to not tag along to the local crag with untested climbers, and generally thirsty for knowledge, this is the workshop for you!

We provide all the tools and equipment you need to become proficient, competent and confident in alpine environment. Our only requirement is that you come prepared to THINK. We will teach you proper movement, anchors, alpine belaying techniques, and transitions.

Our team of professional rock climbing guides are trained and certified by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA), to ensure that you're having the best educational experience, both fun and safe, possible.

Professionally trained and certified rock climbing guides; park fees; climbing equipment (ropes, anchoring equipment, helmets, harness, shoes, belay devices)
Water (2-liters); lunch/snacks; tip for your guides; sunscreen; sun glasses; sun hat
Comfortable athletic clothing; approach shoes/sneakers. If you have your own personal climbing/safety equipment bring it, if you need to borrow gear from us, just let us know your waist size (for the harness), and shoes size (for our magic climbing shoes)
(Email to ask if available - additional charges apply)

Downtown San Francisco - Across from the Montgomery Street Bart Station, directly in front of McDonalds (between 2nd and New Montgomery St.)
We will be rock climbing at Cragmont Park in the Berkeley Hills, approximately 30 minutes from Downtown San Francisco.
If you've chosen the transportation add-on, then we'll be departing at 7:00 AM. (Be sure to email us first to make sure this option is available - additional fees DO apply)
If you've chosen to drive yourself, then we'll send you driving directions and will meet you at the cliffs at 8:00AM.


  • If the trip you'd like to reserve is out of stock, please follow this link and put yourself on the wait list. If a spot opens up, we'll notify you immediately.

A portion of the fees for each reservation is given to the parks department for conservation and sustainability. We appreciate your willingness to be a part of the effort to conserve our wild resources so that others can enjoy them after us.


  • 8:00 AM - Arrive at the climbing area; sign in paperwork.

  • 8:15 AM - Safety talk; workshop expectations.

  • 8:30 AM - Workshop begins.

  • 5:30 PM - Wrap up; clean our climbing site.

  • 6:00 PM - Estimated end of class.

*Any changes to the course time will be communicated in advance of the trip date.