We sure are appreciative of our clients, it's great to hear about what we're doing right, and what we can improve upon. Here are a few testimonials from clients regarding their experiences with our guides. We're very proud of our team, and hope to hear from you soon!




"Thanks for a great course! I learned many useful techniques and really appreciated your open, easygoing, yet technically precise teaching style. Cheers!" - Jane

"I was very very satisfied with the class. To be honest it was far beyond my expectation. I had previously taken a REI class and hence had very low expectations but this class was very informative and the right mix of theory and practice." - Rock Climbing Anchors/Rescue Course

"I had an amazing experience this past weekend. In fact, this trip was the best weekend group trips I have ever been on. The guides Max Stewart and Nathan Duclos were unbelievably exceptional! I was amazed at how responsive, patient, and understanding they were with everyone in the group. I have certain food restrictions, I don't eat meat or dairy, and Max made sure I could eat something at every meal.  I couldn't believe how delicious the food was, they are both great chefs! Nathan is hilarious and such good company, both guides made sure no one felt left out. Lastly, I want Max to be acknowledged for taking care of the slowest least experienced member of the group and guiding her literally every step of the way. When I was coming down a steep icy mountain I saw him guide her step by step all the way down.  She made it through with his help. In three days Max had been unbelievably patient with this member and trained her so well that at the end of the trip she was a great snowshoer and confidently lead the group at the end of the trip. I couldn't have been more pleased with the guides and the entire trip experience. I can't wait to go on another adventure."



"I had a great time, I cannot think of 1 negative thing to say about my experience. Max was on point with everything from teaching us newbies to changing to a different location that turned out to be shadier and funner. The hike was great as well as was the rest of the group we were with." 

"Awesome trip!  Max was a fantastic guide and very fun to spend a couple weeks with and the local guides were top notch as well.  Now that I'm back the difficulty in getting to the top is fading and I am left only with really warm memories and feeling of a great accomplishment."

"Max was really, really such a wonderful guide. It was my first time camping/hiking/rock climbing, and he really made me feel totally comfortable with the challenges and encouraged me when I didn't think I could handle some of the scarier ones. He was very knowledgeable about the trails and where to get the best views. He was a great cook, waiter, bartender, butler, driver, host, guide, companion... everything-all-in-one! Can I keep him for myself please??? :)"

"Attention to detail and focusing on customer satisfaction and enjoyment is stellar. Max is very attentive, patient and extremely knowledgeable guide. Thank you for a world class experience."

"This was a great experience, Johnny was great and I still can't believe you held the class even though it was just me - that means so much and I can't wait to refer more people your way and take advantage of your other adventures. Thanks again!"