Comprehensive List of Recommended equipment for Top Rope rock Climbing

Petzl Sirocco Helmet

Super light weight, excellent fall protection. 

*Note*if you're clumsy with your gear, this is not the helmet for you. You must take care of this helmet if you want it to take care of you!

men's/women's black diamond momentum harness

This harness is a simple, sturdy, and inexpensive all-around harness

Petzl's Gri-Gri 2 Belay Device

This versatile device checks all the boxes for top rope belaying, lead belaying, or multi-pitch belaying with a single partner.

Black Diamond's Rock Lock TwistLock Carabiner

An excellent choice for the master point, or as a dedicated belay carabiner.

*Note* use two for the master point, and pick up one more for your belay carabiner.

Black Diamond's Rock Lock Screwgate Carabiner

Inexpensive, round stock carabiner that's great for tying adjustable hitches (clove/munter hitches).

Black Diamond's Positron Screwgate Carabiner

Inexpensive and strong, I-Beam/Off-Set "D" shaped carabiner for PAS connections or for clipping anchor bolts.

7mm Cordelette for Anchor Building (by Sterling Rope)

My go-to for anchor building materials in single and multi-pitch terrain. Versatile for many rescue scenarios as well.

18mm Nylon Slings/Runners for Anchoring

Optional for building anchors, and can be purchased in a variety of lengths.

*Caution* friction caused by anchor knots can generate heat enough to cause damage to the material. Care should be taken when creating top rope anchors with this material.

1" Tubular Webbing

Great option for wrapping around soft-barked trees, and generally for creating an anchor attachment to a tree.

sterling rope's 1/2" (13mm) nylon Static Rope (100')

Use this for natural anchor building around trees and boulders to extend your master point over the edge of a cliff.

6mm Prusik Cord (x2)

A great tool for so many aspect of climbing, from rope ascending, rappel back-ups, leverage/hauling systems, and belay take-overs. A must have for your harness.

*Note* these can also be purchased off the bulk spool at your local climbing gear shop.

9.4mm Fusion Ion R Bi-Pattern Dry XP

Excellent feeling rope in your hands, supple, very strong, yet light weight. The Dry XP finish not only protects against moisture and freezing temperatures, but also helps to keep grit and grime out of the fibers of your rope, adding life and longevity. 

Black Diamond's Super Chute Rope Bag

This bag can fit all of your top rope gear (rope, harness, anchor kit, carabiners, prusiks, shoes, static anchor rope), all within a courier style over-the-shoulder style bag. Bonus, it has a built in drop tarp to protect your rope from dirt and crag grime. Easy roll-up or stuff-and-go packing options.

Black Diamond's Creek 35

If you prefer a backpack over a courier style rope bag, this is a great option. The rope easily attaches to the top of the bag (or stuffs inside), while the rest of your gear drops into the main compartment. Bonus: it has a sleeve to carry a hydration bladder for longer approaches. The down-side is that it does not have a drop tarp to keep your rope out of the dirt.

Additional Items Recommended for Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Objectives

Petzl Dual-Connect Adjust

The only Personal Anchor System (PAS) I'd buy! Great for extending your rappel on a dynamic system.