You've reached the freelance blog contributor page. Thanks for your interest in writing for us. At SAANO Adventures we are proud to have a voice that reaches thousands of listeners (readers) and we take pride in offering them quality, educational posts through our blog. We are first and foremost a guiding service, but outdoor education, wilderness access and conservation are also central to what we do. Before submitting your article, please ensure that you've contacted our team and received permission to be a contributor.

What you can expect from us:

  • Upon approval, your article will be posted to our blog page and blasted out to our viewers through our weekly newsletter and social media.
  • In addition, we will promote the post via paid social media advertising to increase readership and expand the article's reach to new readers.
    • The paid promotion will last one week from the day it's posted.
  • We respect and are thankful for our contributors and want to help them grow their readership. With each submission, please include a back-link to your blog page/website so that any of our guests that connect with your writing can find more articles by you.
    • Please include a self portrait (self portraits should be smiling, colorful, friendly and inviting) and a back-link.

What we expect from you:

  • All articles must fall within four established categories
    • Crag/River Profile
    • Climber/Paddler Profile
    • Conservation
    • General Outdoors
  • All article submissions must be unique (not published on other sites/platforms) for SAANO Adventures.
  • All article proposals must be edited for grammar, punctuation and accuracy prior to submission.
  • Plagiarism, inaccuracy or falsification of information will not be tolerated. Any articles found to infringe on these standards will be immediately removed and the author will be blacklisted from submitting additional content.
  • Content photos are important to us. We require at least one photo submission related to the content of the article, with no more than three photos per article. (*photos will be requested via email after article has been submitted)
    • Photos should be enticing, colorful (or dramatic black and white), and accurate to article content.
    • All submitted photos must include proper citations to include as a footer to the photo.
  • Author credits.
    • Self portrait photos are in addition the content photos. Please submit one small self portrait that we can include at the bottom of the article.
    • Please also submit a short (up to 35 words) bio about yourself as a writer (interests, hobbies, etc.)
    • Also include a back-link to your personal blog/website.

How much do we pay?

We pay $20 per article, and will pay an additional $5 if you share the final posting via your social media outlets.

We'll ask that you notify us via social media if and when you repost/retweet your article.

How do we approve new articles?

Please send us a pitch for your article. If it's your first one, please also send a link to some of your other work and your resume. In your pitch, please tell us why you think your article would be valuable to our readers.

How many articles can you submit?

Once approved as a new contributor, you will be allowed to submit up to 4 articles per month. Each article must be approved by SAANO Administrators prior to submission. If you send an article that has not been approved, it will not be published/posted to our blog and you will not receive payment for that article submission.

How we pay?

Article contributors will be paid as freelancer writers on a 1099 basis.

After your article is approved and posted to our blog page we will issue check as payment for your contributions.