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Multi-Pitch Climbing Transitions and Techniques



Our rock climbing workshops offer training at the level of professional rock climbing guides and climbing instructors.

We’ve structured these daily climbing workshops to deliver information efficiently and effectively within a short period of time. We do not repeat topics from one workshop to another, rather each workshop focuses on new techniques. This is out of respect for your time and commitment to the educational process.

To ensure that all participants have access to the same, accurate information, the content in each workshop is broken down into it’s simplest form. Techniques are introduced in a compounding manner, culminating into larger, more comprehensive activities as the day progresses. At the conclusion of each day, you will feel a grand sense of accomplishment and will have confidence and a skill set well beyond your untrained peers.


This is a pre-requisite rock climbing workshop. You’ll learn the fundamentals of good rock climbing anchors, go in depth on the proper use of climbing gear and its relative failure points, as well as learn load transfers, belay escape techniques, and climber pick-off rescue skills.

Plan on this being a very full day. If you’re a new rock climber, then this workshop will start you down the path towards a safe climbing career and put you leagues ahead of those who haven’t taken this training. If you’ve been climbing for many years, you’ll be surprised at how much you pick up from this workshop. We’ll examine the techniques you’ve learned from friends/mentors and decide how safe and accurate they truly are. I’ll give you tips and tricks that the pros use, and help you understand the how and why of each system so that you can confidently and efficiently make the right choices when you’re out on the rock.

You’ll leave this workshop with the confidence to establish your own anchors in any number of scenarios, and have the tools to examine and correct questionable anchors designed by others. In addition, you’ll walk away with a strong foundation for basic rescue systems and load transfers.

Here are some helpful links to learn more about our Level 1 Workshop:

Level 1 Rock Climbing Anchor Basics - SERENE Anchors

Level 1 Rock Climbing Rescue Basics - The Rescue Drill

Level 1 Rock Climbing Anchor and Rescue Basics - Knots and Hitches


The Tier 1 workshop is a pre-requisite for ALL Tier 2 workshops.

The Tier 2 workshops can be taken in any order. While each workshop covers new information, you will begin to see how the information and techniques are related and each new workshop will enhance your understanding of the content from previous workshops.


In this class we will build on the knowledge you gained in your Level I Rock Climbing Anchors and Rescue class (a prerequisite for this course). 

We'll work through additional knots and hitches, learn and practice leverage systems. You will learn safe rappelling techniques for individuals as well as tandem rappels with a second person and rappelling with incapacitated climbers. You will learn techniques for passing knots whether its while on rappel or when lowering an injured climber. We provide all the tools and equipment you need. Our only requirement is that you come prepared to THINK.

This workshop focuses on traditional climbing techniques and gear placements.

The majority of the day will be spent on ropes, executing mock trad leads under the safety of a top rope.

A variety of topics will be covered, including a thorough review of gear. We'll examine active and passive placements, strategies for retrieving gear as well as discuss the geology and structure of the rock and how that plays into the decision process when placing protection in traditional climbing.

This workshop focuses on the skills and techniques that you will need to enter the realm of multi pitch rock climbing.

We'll start by addressing some of the bad habits that are common with beginning multi pitch climbers, then move into transitions from ascending to descending. You will learn the intricacies of rope management, and how to navigate many of the hazards that we encounter in multi-pitch terrain.


Completion of the Tier 2 workshops is a pre-requisite for ALL Tier 3 workshops.

The Tier 3 workshops can be taken in any order. Similar to the Tier 2 workshops, each of the Tier 3 workshops cover new information. These workshops will build on the training you received during your time in the Tier 1 & 2 workshops, and requires that you are ready to navigate more complicated terrain. The information passed along in these Tier 3 workshops is complex and will demand your full attention.


Alpine rock climbing introduces an entirely new world of opportunity in exploration and adventure. It also introduces a new set of challenges, many of which we hope to address in this workshop.

We will cover a number of topics, some of which include movement in alpine environments, alpine specific anchors, short roping, and short pitching.

A three person rope team requires new skills and techniques to move safely and efficiently through technical terrain.

In this workshop we teach the techniques required to get your party of three or more safely up and down a climb. We'll cover parallel, caterpillar, and rope-end climbing techniques, including transitions between the three as well as discuss the appropriate scenarios for each.  We’ll teach you strategies for managing multiple ropes, and go over rescue skills adapted specifically for 3-person rock climbing teams.

In this workshop we build on the techniques that you’ve used in the Multi-Pitch Transitions and Techniques Workshop.

You will learn how to utilize the climbing rope in new and creative ways, enhancing your efficiencies and ability to safely navigate complex rock climbing scenarios.